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Company Info

The Smith Boys
Smitty and his sons, Len and Todd. Circa 1984

Founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963 as Action Film Labs, Inc. by Wayne "Smitty" Smith, we got our start as a business that provided cinematographers and 16mm film processing services for high school and college coaches in Alabama and all over the southeast. Under Smitty’s leadership, Action Film Labs earned a reputation of providing the highest quality service with the fastest turn-around time available and became the bench mark by which all other services of this type are measured.

Recognizing that video and computer technology were on a collision course, in the year 2000 we chose a name that would better reflect our status as a multimedia technology production company and became RTS Technologies, LLC . Expanding our service offerings to include full video and audio production for Special Events, Legal, Business and Real Estate needs while still maintaining our base business of coaching video.

With a core team of four highly trained, experienced video and audio professionals and seven contractual professionals, we have positioned ourselves to maintain Smitty’s high standards of excellence. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services for our clients and to be the bench mark by which you measure every other video production company.

Meet our team

Todd Smith
Chief Cook and
Bottle Washer

Walt Mason

Les Bain
Audio Engineer

Brian Lucas

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